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Hello there! This is a wiki dedicated to information regarding my (Pkmnname's) Fakémon in a format reminiscent of Bulbapedia and inspired by DarkandWindieFakemon's wiki. Fakémon is short for Fake Pokémon, which are fan-made Pokemon. These do not appear in any games, official or fan-made. I may add pictures at some point, but for now there's just text information.

We currently have 0148 Fakémon! You can see a full list of these and upcoming Fakémon on the Fakédex (129/129) and Regional Variant (19/19) pages.

Note: Some of these ideas (such as Striwi and Byutiferr) have previously been shared on the Serebii forums by my account there: "NeedsAName". Please do NOT add your own Fakémon, but feel free to edit any SPaG/math errors you see, or to point out inconsistencies.


I am currently working on other projects. As such, updates to this wiki may be irregular, patchy, and sporadic, but I will try to add at least one page each day. The last day a new page was created was August 6th, 2020, on which 1 page was made. If I get at least five pages made in a day, I did amazing.

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