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Welcome to Name's Fakemon Wiki!
Hello there! This is a wiki dedicated to information regarding my (Pkmnname's) Fakémon in a format reminiscent of Bulbapedia and inspired by DarkandWindieFakemon's wiki. Fakémon is short for Fake (fan-made) Pokémon. These do not appear in any games, official or fan-made. I may add pictures at some point, but for now there's just text information.

We currently have 0197 Fakémon! You can see a full list of these and upcoming Fakémon on the Fakédex (172/213) and Regional Variant (25/36) pages.

Note: Some of these ideas (such as Striwi and Byutiferr) have previously been shared on the Serebii forums by my account there: "NeedsAName". Please do NOT add your own Fakémon, but feel free to edit any SPaG/math errors you see, or to point out inconsistencies.


I am currently working on other projects and dealing with a lot of stuff at school. As such, updates to this wiki may be irregular, patchy, and sporadic. The last day a page was created was April 1st, 2021, on which 1 page was made.

Current Focus

Gen 2 (Fakémon Opal and Obsidian) is now being worked on and pages updated or added! This generation will have had all Fakémon added in dex order, as opposed to the semiunordered mess that Gen 1 was.

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